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I was interviewed on January 10, 2018 for the following podcast, What Do Bingeing, Your Body Image, Your Period and Sexual Fantasies Have In Common?

I was interviewed and quoted in the following publications:

Washington Post April 1, 2017 Tina Fey tells college-educated white women who voted for Trump “You can’t look away”

Vice Media January 31, 2017 Psycholgists explain why people keep having trump nightmares

Washington Post November 11, 2016 One psychologist’s theory about why so many women voted for Trump

The List November 8, 2016 Features that turn people off

Washington Post April 11, 2016 “Hey, where’d you go?” 5 reasons people ghost

DIY Share April 4, 2016 Uh Oh: 9 subtle signs you’re in a toxic relaltionship

Macleans February 15, 2013 The dangers of older dads