Perhaps, as we get older, we are less judgmental about the things we fantasize about. Sexual fantasies are not politically correct. Whatever gets you in the mood is a good thing. As the song says, “You can’t go to jail for what you’re thinking.” (Frank Loesser)

A good sexual relationship with your body may be the most important element in maintaining a positive body image. Who cares what society thinks about aging women, as long as you are getting it on.

When a woman is young, she is often the object of someone else’s sexual desire. As she enters middle age and beyond, she can become the subject of her own desire, rather than the object. That is one takeaway from JLo’s performance: She is clearly enjoying herself.

Adaptive aging is a goal, not an endpoint.

Some things to think about:

  • Stay on good terms with your body.
  • Focus on functionality rather than appearance.
  • Aging requires preparation and training, not unlike preparing to run a marathon.
  • Eat right and exercise.
  • Keep a dirty mind: Enjoy sex!
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